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Experience it up at the Ronachgut in Saalbach
Country life

Holiday on the farm

The Ronachgut in Saalbach

A great deal of time spent outdoors, living with nature’s yearly cycle: sowing, cultivating, harvesting. In addition to the three-star superior Hotel Vorderronach the Riedlsperger family run the Ronachgut – an alpine farm.

The farm keeps Pinzgau cows for milk and meat production along with pigs and goats.  And, as is often the case on an alpine farm, there are also chickens, cats and rabbits living on the farm and in the cowshed. In addition to the pleasure they take in their work, the Riedlsperger family are able to produce premium quality supplies for the hotel and the à la carte Ronachstub’n restaurant. A quality you can taste!

The Riedlsperger family’s Ronachgut farm

Adventurous vacations in the mountains

This alpine farm at the heart of the Glemm mountains is run throughout the year. The Pinzgau cattle and goats spend summer on the alpine pasture while in winter they are fed in the cowshed and enjoy the crystal-clear air in the valley. The Ronachgut and the Vorderronach are surrounded by the glorious nature of the Glemm valley. In the winter they are surrounded by expanses of glittering snow while in summer fragrant meadow flowers and herbs blossom around the Ronachgut and ensure premium-quality hay. The fodder, species-appropriate husbandry in small herds and the natural living conditions make a significant contribution to animal welfare. The Riedlsperger family strive to interact respectfully with their animals. Here farming is practised as it should be!

Bauernhof Hotel Vorderronach
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Bauernhof Hotel Vorderronach

Provisions from the hotel’s own farm for the greatest pleasure

Seasonal and regional

In addition to working with their animals and nature, the Riedlsperger family focuses on the production of top-quality foodstuffs. Seasonal and regional is the motto – and in this way the Ronachgut provides the guests of Hotel Vorderronach and the à la carte Ronachstub’n restaurant with superb products. Milk and dairy products and beef and pork are sourced directly from the farm and transformed in the hotel into fabulous delicacies. The culinary offering at the Vorderronach is varied and diverse, with a menu featuring Austrian classics along with new creations and supreme European cuisine.


A holiday on the farm – an authentic experience

Feeding animals, harvesting hay, mucking out and many other activities are in the schedule on the Ronachgut depending on the time of year. Anyone who would like to gain an insight into the daily work of a farming family is welcome to do so with the Riedlsperger family. Helping hands are always needed and so visitors of all ages are welcome in the cowshed. Gabriel Jr., who runs the farming business, is happy to show guests the different areas and provides an insight into the work on the farm.

Bauernhof Hotel Vorderronach
We are passionate farmers

A holiday on the farm with the Riedlsperger family is a very special experience. Here life and work on the farm can be experienced at close quarters and the provisions lovingly produced by hand can be enjoyed in the hotel's culinary offering and in the à la carte Ronachstub’n restaurant.

The farm for our youngest visitors – click here for info about the petting zoo